Copper Cuff Bracelet / Golden Aqua Quartz Jasper / Wire Knit Cuff / Fall Winter Teal Copper Jewelry


Wrist length

Intricate wire cuff hand knit on copper wire adorned with beautiful golden aqua quartz and jasper semiprcious stones.

This lapisbeach cuff bracelet is beautifully delicate and deminine while making a strong statement on the wrist. Each piece is hand knit and no two ever come out the same. This mix of beads contains golden aqua quartz, jasper and beautiful copper crystals. Perfect for the Fall Winter season

This cuff is about 1 1/2" wide on the wrist. Each cuff will be knit to specified wrist length. Please indicate your wrist size at time of purchase. This picture is a representation of the cuff - as the bead never line up the exact same way.

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