About Lapisbeach

My name is Lauren and I adore making my line of hand knitted jewelry! If you ask my husband, 15 year old twin boys and rescued Great Pyrenees...they will tell you I am slightly obsessed with knitting and beads can be found in every room of the house!

A little history:

I have been interested in all aspects of art, since I was young. I studied drawing when I was in elementary school; painting and jewelry making in college. I have drawn pet portraits, painted furniture and murals, dabbled in faux finishes, hand painted glass and even do professional face painting occasionally. About 15 years ago, when I was in graduate school, my grandmother re-introduced me to knitting and I haven't put the needles down since.

I was a "closet" knitter for years. I loved new yarns and patterns and even began designing my own patterns for sweaters. I never knit a pair of socks in my life. I liked big chunky needles and big chunky yarns.

About 9 years ago, all of that changed. I picked up a pair of tiny tiny needles, some rayon and some beads and was hooked. What first started as gifts for family and friends has now developed into Lapis Beach Jewelry.

I am constantly finding and buying new beads and creating new mixes, new designs and once I started knitting with wire - Lapisbeach took the old school art of knitting and moved it into the modern sleek art of today's pieces. I have been "tweeking" my beads mixes for over 8 years and every single piece comes out differently. A truly one of a kind item. My color mixes constantly evolve as I have a problem with "not" buying more beads - so new shapes and sizes are thrown in on a weekly basis.

I am a big believer in online communication. If you ever have any questions, special requests, custom requests, or just want to say hello...always feel free to contact me!